Pages 32-33: It’s Been A Long Road (Getting to the Archer Building)

Greetings! Now that I have made that frankly awful joke in the title, today’s pages have Mel and Singh embarking out into Gatehouse City and make their way to the coast. There, the Archer Building awaits, with an imperiled scientist within.

While writing what passes as a script these pages, I found myself in a bit of a writers block figuring out how best to transition from the shuttle landing to the upcoming drama at Archer.

After a frankly embarrassing amount of time, I remembered that people often talk about things that aren’t currently occurring in front of their very eyes. Perhaps having the characters do so could fill the time between action set pieces and maybe deepen our understanding of their backgrounds and motivations…

That’s right, ladies and gentlemen, we have some character backstory and kinda-sorta development! I’m almost a competent writer!

The new pages can be found below:

This webcomic has Twitter and Instagram pages that will be updated as the website is. Give them a follow if you would like to keep up to date!

The next upload is slated for Sunday 29th August 2021, although I am currently making arrangements for moving to a different city around that time so there may have to be a schedule adjustment by a day or so, depending on how things go.

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