Page 41-42: Another Vague Holiday

Greetings! In this penultimate entry of Chapter 2, we get a first peek at the alien invaders that have seen fit to invade Bastion.

By “we” I mainly mean Mel. And by “peek” I mean “direct line of sight while holding a laser gun.”

Yeah, the order in which Mel likes to a) shoot and b) ask questions should come as a surprise to no one at this point.

That said, we still get a quick look at the laser-toting fiend advancing on our heroes before the Executive tries to blast it. You may therefore consider this week’s pages to be an early Halloween special, if you squint.

First Independence Day and now Halloween. I wonder, what wishy-washy connection will I conjure up when Christmas rolls around?

The new pages are available below:

This webcomic has Twitter and Instagram pages that will be updated as the website is. Give them a follow if you would like to keep up to date!

The next upload is slated for Sunday 7th November 2021.

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