Pages 72-73: The Exchange

Greetings! Today, Chapter 4 starts with Mel being annoyed at someone. This is actually somewhat normal for Mel. This time though, hearing Laika namedrop Darrow – whoever they are – at the end of Chapter 2 has left her rather more displeased than usual.

Rather violently displeased.

It’s sadly a bit of a messy update this week due to a surprise bout of illness. I intended to do a cleanup of the website’s interface to coincide with the new chapter but evidently that hasn’t quite happened. Not in full, anyway.

As part of the rework, Chapter 4 is now entirely contained on a single page stacked scrolling format. Each update hereafter will update that page rather than adding a new one.

The intention is to convert the entirety of the comic to a similar format, though each chapter will still have its own page to try and avoid exploding anyone’s bandwidth with a million images loading at once.

This conversion will likely take a while to complete between making sure I don’t break any vital links, working at the day job, and generally staying on top of actually writing more of this comic. When it is done, however, the site will hopefully be a little nicer to navigate.

Until then, Chapter 4 can be found here!

And as always, you can follow the comic on Twitter and Instagram. Our next update is in two weeks, on Sunday 17th July!

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