Pages 98: First Page of 2023

Greetings! LYRAE is back for 2023!

Now I had hoped to continue work on the comic over the break and jump right back in with normal service and perhaps a small backlog of pages in reserve, but unfortunately a passing seasonal flu had other ideas.

The end result is that today’s update will unfortunately be just the one page.

We follow on from last time where the crew is set upon by an alien creature breaking through the ceiling of their laboratory holdout. Kel tries to escort Carr to safety while Mel and Singh cover their escape. Unfortunately, the creature seems to have a specific target in mind…

We’ll be back the usual two new pages (I promise this time!) on Sunday 29th January!

In the meantime, you can jump straight to the newest pages here!

And as always, you can follow the comic on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook!

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