Page 101: Add More Laser

Greetings! Sadly this is another single-page upload as the first couple months of 2023 have proven to be quite busy indeed.

This time on LYRAE, we rejoin the crew after Kel found himself face-to-face with the alien creature that has been tearing its way through the Archer Building towards the them.

This creature has already survived a direct shot to the face from Mel’s laser rifle back in Chapter 2. Mel thinks this might have a fluke and that repeated testing is in order..

Huzzah for the scientific method!

Next time, I know for certain that I will be away from my setup for too long to fully complete a two-page update for LYRAE.

Instead of drip-feeding another a single-page update to the main story however, I have an idea for something else to post up while the next full update gets prepared.

In the meantime, you can jump straight to the newest page here!

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