Chapter 1 Continues!

Greetings! From this point onward I will need to start being a little more creative with these posts titles, because Chapter 1 is going to continue to be continuing for a few updates now.

As most of you may know there’s been a bit of a pandemic on recently and as such many public-facing workers have had a fair bit of free time on their hands recently due to being locked inside for a few months, myself included. As the restrictions in my neck of the woods are now beginning to lift, I must now once again emerge from the plague bunker and venture forth into the painful, painful sunlight.

The fortnightly upload schedule was designed to account for this eventuality. If I have designed it halfway competently there should not be any noticeable impact on the webcomic going forward. The goal will remain 2 pages per fortnight with the possibility of a third depending on story pacing and how much of a backlog I build up.

This week is one of those 3 page uploads, mainly because a tired bloke checking his emails does not make for the most gripping of cliffhangers.

The first of the new pages can be found here.

This webcomic has Twitter and Instagram pages that will be updated as the website is. Give them a follow if you would like to keep up.

Our next upload is slated for Sunday 9th May 2021.

The humble flat-head screwdriver. Never leave orbit without it.

Chapter 1 Begins!

Greetings! By the time this post is live, the first three pages of Chapter 1: Damage Report will have been made available.

This chapter will see the Lyrae-3’s crew recovering from the damage inflicted on their craft while also attempting to contact other survivors of the battle. As they set about this task, they must also be careful not to draw unwanted attention from the alien fleet still in orbit over Bastion.

The first page of the new chapter can be found here.

This webcomic now has a Twitter and Instagram page that will be updated to alert you to new additions to the story.

From today onwards, updates to the Lyrae webcomic will follow every second Sunday, with the goal being (at least) two pages added with every upload date. The next pages are scheduled for Sunday 25th April 2021.

Lyrae: The Adventure Begins

Greetings! Today marks the launch of Lyrae, a science-fiction webcomic following the daring crew of the starship Lyrae-3 in the aftermath of a devastating attack on their homeworld, Bastion.

To mark the launch of the series, the entire 9-page prologue is now immediately available. The first 2 pages of Chapter 1 will be made available next Sunday, 11th April.

Afterwards, I will be regularly updating the story at a rate of (at least) one page every second Sunday. I hope to eventually increase the frequency of updates as the project continues.

The first page to the prologue can be found here!