Pages 98: First Page of 2023

Greetings! LYRAE is back for 2023! Now I had hoped to continue work on the comic over the break and jump right back in with normal service and perhaps a small backlog of pages in reserve, but unfortunately a passing seasonal flu had other ideas. The end result is that today’s update will unfortunately beContinue reading “Pages 98: First Page of 2023”

Pages 96-97: That Is Not Santa

Greetings! Today on LYRAE we join the team in the Archer labs waiting to fill the alien menace with laser holes. However, as they watch the door, something lurks up above, bearing deadly gifts of its own. As the Archer labs erupt into a colourful conflaguration, this is where we shall be leaving LYRAE forContinue reading “Pages 96-97: That Is Not Santa”

Bonus Page: “January”

Greetings and Happy New Year! With winter holiday plans keeping me away from my computer for almost a fortnight, the regularly scheduled continuation of “Lyrae” is still a couple weeks away. Instead, while on holiday I sketched out the following bonus page to tease a little at the the background lore of the Bastion. IdeallyContinue reading “Bonus Page: “January””

Pages 49-50: Rumbled

Greetings! Harv and Cass are ready to put a plan in action to save the Lyrae-3 from a deadly case of heatstroke. All they need to pull it off is a couple spacesuits and for Trev to be up and ready for action. Oh dear. This may not be quite as simple as some wouldContinue reading “Pages 49-50: Rumbled”

Page 41-42: Another Vague Holiday

Greetings! In this penultimate entry of Chapter 2, we get a first peek at the alien invaders that have seen fit to invade Bastion. By “we” I mainly mean Mel. And by “peek” I mean “direct line of sight while holding a laser gun.” Yeah, the order in which Mel likes to a) shoot andContinue reading “Page 41-42: Another Vague Holiday”