Interlude: First Contact

Greetings! I have been away from my computer for a family holiday so the next pages of LYRAE proper aren’t quite ready yet. Luckily, I packed my sketchbook with me and broke out the old pencils in the downtime. The end result is First Contact, a short one-page comic about the first time the CaptainContinue reading “Interlude: First Contact”

Interlude: “June”

Greetings! With Chapter 3: Heatwave now complete, it is time for another between-chapter interlude page! I quite enjoyed making January late last year when travel plans prevented work on the comic proper. It made a nice change of pace to experiment a bit with a different artstyle and work with different limitations. This time, JuneContinue reading “Interlude: “June””

Bonus Page: “January”

Greetings and Happy New Year! With winter holiday plans keeping me away from my computer for almost a fortnight, the regularly scheduled continuation of “Lyrae” is still a couple weeks away. Instead, while on holiday I sketched out the following bonus page to tease a little at the the background lore of the Bastion. IdeallyContinue reading “Bonus Page: “January””