Pages 32-33: It’s Been A Long Road (Getting to the Archer Building)

Greetings! Now that I have made that frankly awful joke in the title, today’s pages have Mel and Singh embarking out into Gatehouse City and make their way to the coast. There, the Archer Building awaits, with an imperiled scientist within. While writing what passes as a script these pages, I found myself in aContinue reading “Pages 32-33: It’s Been A Long Road (Getting to the Archer Building)”

Pages 30-31: Happy Landings

Greetings! Today the teasing ends! They’ve landed. Singh and Mel are now on the surface of Bastion and are getting ready to go rescue a hapless scientist! Huzzah! This will be the last time we see the spacesuits for a while. Farewell, weirdly restrictive shoulder pads, we will meet again one day. Maybe in theContinue reading “Pages 30-31: Happy Landings”

Pages 28-29: Called Out

Greetings! This week a familiar voice is heard over the radio as Mel and Singh are suddenly presented with an important mission. Eagle eyed readers may already be able to tell who has issued the pair with their task. Either from the colour of the text box, or by simply being aware of who theContinue reading “Pages 28-29: Called Out”

Pages 22-24: Damage Report Submitted

Greetings! Today, we have a special 3-page release as Chapter 1 of Lyrae comes to a close. Mel and Singh are finally poised to reach the surface of Bastion while the rest of the Lyrae-3 crew are forced to retreat from the planet’s orbit. In two weeks, the first pages of the second chapter, Contact,Continue reading “Pages 22-24: Damage Report Submitted”

Pages 20-21: Things Get Purple

Greetings! This fortnight’s set of pages sees Harv employing a split-second scheme to buy Mel and Singh as much time as possible to board the stricken Lyrae-6. In the meantime the alien invaders continue to hunt down the crew, we learn a bit more about the Lyrae-3’s capabilities, and Singh develops a backache. The newContinue reading “Pages 20-21: Things Get Purple”

Pages 18-19: Clotheslining a Spaceship

Greetings! In today’s new pages we see Mel’s last-minute backup plan put into action. With Singh’s help, she attempts a rather unorthodox boarding action on the crippled Lyrae-6. Meanwhile, the rest of the crew still have the small issue of a hostile warship investigating the commotion… The new pages can be found below: This webcomicContinue reading “Pages 18-19: Clotheslining a Spaceship”

Pages 16-17: Our Plan Is Dead. Long Live our Plan!

Greetings! This fortnight’s installment of Lyrae sees the crew scrambling to regain control of the situation after their plan to rendezvous with the Lyrae-6 encountered a rather explosive snag. Fortunately for them, there may be time for one more desperate attempt to gain possession of the Lyrae-6’s shuttlecraft… The first of the new pages canContinue reading “Pages 16-17: Our Plan Is Dead. Long Live our Plan!”

Lyrae: The Adventure Begins

Greetings! Today marks the launch of Lyrae, a science-fiction webcomic following the daring crew of the starship Lyrae-3 in the aftermath of a devastating attack on their homeworld, Bastion. To mark the launch of the series, the entire 9-page prologue is now immediately available. The first 2 pages of Chapter 1 will be made availableContinue reading “Lyrae: The Adventure Begins”