Page 36: Laser Beats Doorframe

Greetings! Sadly, there will be only the one page this time as I have been moving house and finding myself without a computer for a week afterwards. But it’s a good page, I promise! While traversing the old Ratway tunnels beneath the , Singh continues to annoy the executive with her ramblings. Mel takes aContinue reading “Page 36: Laser Beats Doorframe”

Pages 25-27: An Accidental Celebration

Greetings! Today is the 4th of July, the day when the United States of America celebrates the moment that they didn’t actually need Britain’s help to ruin everything for everyone, thank you very much, and the two nations have been competing to out-ruin the other ever since. I was rather surprised to realise that ChapterContinue reading “Pages 25-27: An Accidental Celebration”

Pages 20-21: Things Get Purple

Greetings! This fortnight’s set of pages sees Harv employing a split-second scheme to buy Mel and Singh as much time as possible to board the stricken Lyrae-6. In the meantime the alien invaders continue to hunt down the crew, we learn a bit more about the Lyrae-3’s capabilities, and Singh develops a backache. The newContinue reading “Pages 20-21: Things Get Purple”