Pages 51-52: Peer Review

Greetings! After our brief holiday hiatus for the New Year, Lyrae is back with two new pages! Last time, Harv found Trev drinking from a stash of contraband beer. Nonetheless, the Captain needs his helmsman suited up and ready for some deep-space maintenance if the Lyrae-III is to avoid melting to a heap of moltenContinue reading “Pages 51-52: Peer Review”

Pages 49-50: Rumbled

Greetings! Harv and Cass are ready to put a plan in action to save the Lyrae-3 from a deadly case of heatstroke. All they need to pull it off is a couple spacesuits and for Trev to be up and ready for action. Oh dear. This may not be quite as simple as some wouldContinue reading “Pages 49-50: Rumbled”