Pages 70-71: Crisis Averted

Greetings! This time on Lyrae, we reach the end of Chapter 3 with the Lyrae-3 finally in position to refill its coolant and water tanks from the comet it has been chasing all chapter. The ship still isn’t in tip-top fighting shape, however, and the Lyrae-3’s return to The Bastion will likely need a somewhatContinue reading “Pages 70-71: Crisis Averted”

Pages 68-69: Back on Course

Greetings! This time on Lyrae, disaster has been averted and the ship almost ready to fly again after a quick jaunt over to a nearby floating ball of ice. Thrusters are back online as we near the end on Chapter 3! Of course, Trev’s lackluster performance in the crisis has prompted some concern going forward…Continue reading “Pages 68-69: Back on Course”

Pages 66-67: Professional Standards

Greetings! This time on Lyrae, the radiator’s been temporarily repaired and the ship is ready to make way towards the comet. But Trev is in a bad shape, and Cass becomes frustrated with his ongoing lack of preparation. The new pages are linked down below: Follow our Twitter and Instagram pages to keep up withContinue reading “Pages 66-67: Professional Standards”

Pages 64-65: Plugging It In

Greetings! This time on Lyrae, that damned hose is finally plugged into the intake port, allowing fresh coolant to be pumped into the Lyrae-3’s radiators. No, no it’s not quite that easy. There’s still one small wrinkle with the pumps to be sorted out. The new pages are linked down below: Follow our Twitter andContinue reading “Pages 64-65: Plugging It In”

Pages 62-63: Taking a Leap

Greetings! This time on Lyrae, Harv moves to recover that water hose that Trev accidentally threw into space. Luckily, Harv has his safety cable, so it’s perfectly safe to just jump out, grab the hose, then safely pull himself back down to the intake port. It’s perfectly safe. It’s perfectly safe, right? The new pagesContinue reading “Pages 62-63: Taking a Leap”

Pages 60-61: Cutting It Close

Greetings! This time on Lyrae, Harv is left to fix the cooling system himself as Trev heads back inside to recover from the scorching heat from the Lyrae-3’s radiators. But with the reactor nearing meltdown, can the Captain complete the repairs by himself? The new pages are linked down below: Follow our Twitter and InstagramContinue reading “Pages 60-61: Cutting It Close”

Pages 59: Intervention

Greetings! Only one page this time around as I have been busy traveling for a friend’s wedding. Normal service will resume with the new update. This fortnight, Harv realises that Trev isn’t coping to well with the heat. With time running short before the ship’s cooling systems are irreparably damaged, Harv must make a choiceContinue reading “Pages 59: Intervention”

Pages 57-58: Burning Up

Greetings! This time on Lyrae, Harv and Trev rush to fix up the pump equipment needed to refresh the Lyrae-3’s radiators. With one intake port already destroyed by the intense heat, time is of the essence. And our heroes are not immune to the dangers of overexposure themselves… The new pages are linked down below:Continue reading “Pages 57-58: Burning Up”

Pages 55-56: Nothing Is Ever Simple

Greetings! This time on Lyrae, Harv and Trev hit a roadblock in their plan to save the ship. As the Lyrae-3 continues to strain under the thermal strain of its overworked reactor, the systems the crew hope to use to save the vessel are perilously close to failing themselves. The new pages are linked downContinue reading “Pages 55-56: Nothing Is Ever Simple”

Pages 53-54: Spacewalk

Greetings! This time on Lyrae, the return of the spacesuits is at hand as Harv and Trev set foot outside the airlocks to fix the ship’s cooling system before everyone onboard is cooked. Time is short and the smallest delay could spell disaster for our small crew. So naturally, some minor inconveniences must be resolvedContinue reading “Pages 53-54: Spacewalk”