Interlude: “June”

Greetings! With Chapter 3: Heatwave now complete, it is time for another between-chapter interlude page! I quite enjoyed making January late last year when travel plans prevented work on the comic proper. It made a nice change of pace to experiment a bit with a different artstyle and work with different limitations. This time, JuneContinue reading “Interlude: “June””

Pages 16-17: Our Plan Is Dead. Long Live our Plan!

Greetings! This fortnight’s installment of Lyrae sees the crew scrambling to regain control of the situation after their plan to rendezvous with the Lyrae-6 encountered a rather explosive snag. Fortunately for them, there may be time for one more desperate attempt to gain possession of the Lyrae-6’s shuttlecraft… The first of the new pages canContinue reading “Pages 16-17: Our Plan Is Dead. Long Live our Plan!”