Page 43-44: Professional Conduct

Greetings! I am incredibly pleased to announce that Chapter 2: Contact is done! With the alien menace seemingly deterred, our team take a moment to rest. However, it isn’t long until the team’s new allies begin to take a dislike to the Executive… Chapter 2 was an interesting piece of the story to work on,Continue reading “Page 43-44: Professional Conduct”

Page 41-42: Another Vague Holiday

Greetings! In this penultimate entry of Chapter 2, we get a first peek at the alien invaders that have seen fit to invade Bastion. By “we” I mainly mean Mel. And by “peek” I mean “direct line of sight while holding a laser gun.” Yeah, the order in which Mel likes to a) shoot andContinue reading “Page 41-42: Another Vague Holiday”

Page 39-40: Do Not Use in Case of Fire

Greetings! This week, the team find themselves cornered in an elevator by a mysterious foe. With their backs against the wall, lasers are fired in anger and some common safety advice ends up disregarded. Only one more month and two more uploads remain until we wrap up chapter 2. After that, we will join theContinue reading “Page 39-40: Do Not Use in Case of Fire”

Page 37-38: Stragglers on the Roof

Greetings! This week I am safely settled in my new abode and getting into the swing of the new day job. This means that I am comfortable enough with the new setup to resume the usual 2-page-per-fortnight upload schedule. Huzzah! This time, Mel and Singh make it to the underground access elevator for the ArcherContinue reading “Page 37-38: Stragglers on the Roof”

Pages 34-35: Tunnels and Aircraft

Greetings! At long last, Mel and Singh have the Archer Building in sight, and are ready to grab the scientist and get them to safety. Nice and simple, right? They’ll be done with this errand in no time. Sigh. There’s always a complication. These pages were a lot of fun to make and prominently featuresContinue reading “Pages 34-35: Tunnels and Aircraft”

Pages 32-33: It’s Been A Long Road (Getting to the Archer Building)

Greetings! Now that I have made that frankly awful joke in the title, today’s pages have Mel and Singh embarking out into Gatehouse City and make their way to the coast. There, the Archer Building awaits, with an imperiled scientist within. While writing what passes as a script these pages, I found myself in aContinue reading “Pages 32-33: It’s Been A Long Road (Getting to the Archer Building)”

Pages 30-31: Happy Landings

Greetings! Today the teasing ends! They’ve landed. Singh and Mel are now on the surface of Bastion and are getting ready to go rescue a hapless scientist! Huzzah! This will be the last time we see the spacesuits for a while. Farewell, weirdly restrictive shoulder pads, we will meet again one day. Maybe in theContinue reading “Pages 30-31: Happy Landings”

Pages 20-21: Things Get Purple

Greetings! This fortnight’s set of pages sees Harv employing a split-second scheme to buy Mel and Singh as much time as possible to board the stricken Lyrae-6. In the meantime the alien invaders continue to hunt down the crew, we learn a bit more about the Lyrae-3’s capabilities, and Singh develops a backache. The newContinue reading “Pages 20-21: Things Get Purple”

Pages 18-19: Clotheslining a Spaceship

Greetings! In today’s new pages we see Mel’s last-minute backup plan put into action. With Singh’s help, she attempts a rather unorthodox boarding action on the crippled Lyrae-6. Meanwhile, the rest of the crew still have the small issue of a hostile warship investigating the commotion… The new pages can be found below: This webcomicContinue reading “Pages 18-19: Clotheslining a Spaceship”