Pages 80-81: Precious Cargo

Greetings! This time on LYRAE, Mel leaves to call High Command after learning the identity of the scientist hiding within the Archer Building. With her indisposed, Singh has a few questions of her own to be asked in a somewhat less-hostile manner. In particular, why is the husband of a pirate captain here? Just whatContinue reading “Pages 80-81: Precious Cargo”

Pages 78-79: Improvised Medicine

Greetings! This time on LYRAE, Mel is still bickering with the scientist, Carr Darrow. While she does, we catch up with Singh, who has been conspicuosly absent from this chapter after her close call back in Chapter 2. Rest assured that she is fine. All things considered. While Mel continues her impromtu interrogation, Singh isContinue reading “Pages 78-79: Improvised Medicine”

Pages 76-77: Knock Knock

Greetings! Today on Lyrae, Mel very much wants to talk to the scientist Carr Darrow. So much in fact that she simply doesn’t have the patience to wait for him to answer the door. Meanwhile, the somewhat confused scientist has very little time to work out exactly who it is that has just broken intoContinue reading “Pages 76-77: Knock Knock”

Pages 74-75: Mistaken Identity

Greetings! Today on Lyrae, Mel’s new companions try to explain the situation surrounding the Archer laboratories and Darrow, a known pirate rebel of whom Mel does not remember fondly. The explanation does little to help Mel’s mood as she storms into the curiously purple lit work spaces of the Archer. Finally, to follow on theContinue reading “Pages 74-75: Mistaken Identity”

Pages 72-73: The Exchange

Greetings! Today, Chapter 4 starts with Mel being annoyed at someone. This is actually somewhat normal for Mel. This time though, hearing Laika namedrop Darrow – whoever they are – at the end of Chapter 2 has left her rather more displeased than usual. Rather violently displeased. It’s sadly a bit of a messy updateContinue reading “Pages 72-73: The Exchange”

Interlude: “June”

Greetings! With Chapter 3: Heatwave now complete, it is time for another between-chapter interlude page! I quite enjoyed making January late last year when travel plans prevented work on the comic proper. It made a nice change of pace to experiment a bit with a different artstyle and work with different limitations. This time, JuneContinue reading “Interlude: “June””

Pages 70-71: Crisis Averted

Greetings! This time on Lyrae, we reach the end of Chapter 3 with the Lyrae-3 finally in position to refill its coolant and water tanks from the comet it has been chasing all chapter. The ship still isn’t in tip-top fighting shape, however, and the Lyrae-3’s return to The Bastion will likely need a somewhatContinue reading “Pages 70-71: Crisis Averted”

Pages 68-69: Back on Course

Greetings! This time on Lyrae, disaster has been averted and the ship almost ready to fly again after a quick jaunt over to a nearby floating ball of ice. Thrusters are back online as we near the end on Chapter 3! Of course, Trev’s lackluster performance in the crisis has prompted some concern going forward…Continue reading “Pages 68-69: Back on Course”

Pages 66-67: Professional Standards

Greetings! This time on Lyrae, the radiator’s been temporarily repaired and the ship is ready to make way towards the comet. But Trev is in a bad shape, and Cass becomes frustrated with his ongoing lack of preparation. The new pages are linked down below: Follow our Twitter and Instagram pages to keep up withContinue reading “Pages 66-67: Professional Standards”

Pages 64-65: Plugging It In

Greetings! This time on Lyrae, that damned hose is finally plugged into the intake port, allowing fresh coolant to be pumped into the Lyrae-3’s radiators. No, no it’s not quite that easy. There’s still one small wrinkle with the pumps to be sorted out. The new pages are linked down below: Follow our Twitter andContinue reading “Pages 64-65: Plugging It In”