Lyrae contains and/or will contain depictions of violence, injury, death, and strong language. Viewer discretion is advised.

Lyrae updates every second Sunday.

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3rd July 2022

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  • Interlude: “June”

    Greetings! With Chapter 3: Heatwave now complete, it is time for another between-chapter interlude page!

    I quite enjoyed making January late last year when travel plans prevented work on the comic proper. It made a nice change of pace to experiment a bit with a different artstyle and work with different limitations.

    This time, June has a bit more colour in it, bringing it closer to the usual style. However colours have been kept blurrier and messier than usual to indicate that, like January, this page is also a flashback.

    This glimpse back in time is far more recent than in the last interlude. Rather than a brief glimpse all the way back to The Bastion’s founding, today’s page looks at a character we already know from the main comic…

    Lyrae will continue as usual with Chapter 4: The Exchange starting on Sunday 3rd July!

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