Pages 113-114: Interference

Greetings! Today we begin Chapter 5 of LYRAE! Mel and Singh have found the scientist Darrow, but with the team heavily injured they are in urgent need of extraction from the Archer Building. Unfortunately, rescue seems unlikely as alien air presence over the city of Gatehouse remains thick. But perhaps there is a plan toContinue reading “Pages 113-114: Interference”

Pages 111-112: A Disarming Surprise

Greetings! This time on LYRAE, Chapter 4: The Exchange is now complete! The alien stalking the Archer has been defeated, albeit with losses on our heroes’ side. With the scientist Darrow secure, Mel and Singh can wrap up their assignment from the High Commander… if it wasn’t for one more sting in the tail. CheckContinue reading “Pages 111-112: A Disarming Surprise”

Pages 109-110: Long Live That Thing

Greetings! This time on LYRAE, the alien menace stalking the Archer has finally been brought down. It’s time to take a breath, take stock of the situation and make sure that nothing else is about to go wrong… Check out the new pages here! Be sure to check back Sunday 21st May for the nextContinue reading “Pages 109-110: Long Live That Thing”

Pages 107-108: Superior Firepower

Greetings! This time on LYRAE, Mel closes in on the alien invader to finally finish this fight. This historically hasn’t worked well for the team – luckily Carr has stumbled into something quite useful… Check out the new pages here! Be sure to check back Sunday 7th May for the next two pages! And ofContinue reading “Pages 107-108: Superior Firepower”

Page 105-106: Alien Easter

Greetings! It’s time for me to once again to reach for an overly-contrived link between the next two pages of LYRAE and whatever holiday occasion just happens to coincide with the upload date! This time it’s Easter, and the alien cyborg is excitedly opening up what it assumes to be an oversized Easter egg. ItContinue reading “Page 105-106: Alien Easter”

Pages 103-104: Cornered

Greetings! We are back on schedule, and I am very proud of these two pages! This time on LYRAE, the alien creature proves resistant to Mel’s persuasive technique. Can the team keep the scientist Darrow from its clutches? I ended up up experimenting a bit with custom brushes for these pages, allowing for some betterContinue reading “Pages 103-104: Cornered”

Page 102: Malevolent Multitasking

Greetings! Sadly just one page again this time. I had the second almost ready to go but that plan got scuppered by a rather nasty bout of ill health that still hasn’t quite subsided. Still, my health is still all-around better than the poor sod this guy’s glaring at. Check out the new page here!Continue reading “Page 102: Malevolent Multitasking”

Page 43-44: Professional Conduct

Greetings! I am incredibly pleased to announce that Chapter 2: Contact is done! With the alien menace seemingly deterred, our team take a moment to rest. However, it isn’t long until the team’s new allies begin to take a dislike to the Executive… Chapter 2 was an interesting piece of the story to work on,Continue reading “Page 43-44: Professional Conduct”

Page 41-42: Another Vague Holiday

Greetings! In this penultimate entry of Chapter 2, we get a first peek at the alien invaders that have seen fit to invade Bastion. By “we” I mainly mean Mel. And by “peek” I mean “direct line of sight while holding a laser gun.” Yeah, the order in which Mel likes to a) shoot andContinue reading “Page 41-42: Another Vague Holiday”