Pages 92-93: Deadly Lasers

Greetings! Last time on LYRAE, Laika came face to face with an alien creature in the Archer’s liftshaft, which promptly opened fire with a barrage of deadly lasers beams. That intense close quarters battle resolves in today’s pages as the fighting spills into the main lab area, with devastating results for the rescue team. YouContinue reading “Pages 92-93: Deadly Lasers”

Pages 90-91: Fireworks!

Greetings! As I type this it is November 5th, which in the UK is the day we celebrate… that time a bloke tried to blow up parliament? Well, technically the celebration is for the day that plot was foiled, which is a good thing because it turns out that Guy Fawke’s little group was lessContinue reading “Pages 90-91: Fireworks!”

Pages 87-88: Going Down

Greetings! Another quiet week on the social channels while I settle into the new day job, though I am glad to report I have had no further incidents regarding illness or the like. This time on Lyrae, an effort has been made to try and be a bit more dynamic with scene composition. Some astuteContinue reading “Pages 87-88: Going Down”

Pages 86-87: Precious Cargo

Greetings! Been a quiet couple of weeks due to starting a new day job and a slight bout of ill health just beforehand, but LYRAE is back with the usual fortnightly pages! Carr Darrow continues to insist to Mel that the very bulky equipment strewn across what passes as his lab is actually vitally importantContinue reading “Pages 86-87: Precious Cargo”

Pages 84-85: Exit Strategy

Greetings! This time on LYRAE, Mel must secure the Archer building and hold out until Trench can arrange a rescue for her team. Not all the crew are too happy with plan, however. Laika continues to question Mel’s authority, while scientist Carr Darrow appears to have some confusion concerning the team’s goals. On a sideContinue reading “Pages 84-85: Exit Strategy”

Pages 82-83: Calling Home

Greetings! This time on LYRAE, Mel calls High Command to confirm Carr Darrow’s story. She doesn’t hear what she wants to hear and, to the surprise of no one, loses her temper. Unfortunately for her, the High Commander isn’t someone Mel can yell at to get her own way. At least she gets some adviceContinue reading “Pages 82-83: Calling Home”

Pages 80-81: Precious Cargo

Greetings! This time on LYRAE, Mel leaves to call High Command after learning the identity of the scientist hiding within the Archer Building. With her indisposed, Singh has a few questions of her own to be asked in a somewhat less-hostile manner. In particular, why is the husband of a pirate captain here? Just whatContinue reading “Pages 80-81: Precious Cargo”

Pages 78-79: Improvised Medicine

Greetings! This time on LYRAE, Mel is still bickering with the scientist, Carr Darrow. While she does, we catch up with Singh, who has been conspicuosly absent from this chapter after her close call back in Chapter 2. Rest assured that she is fine. All things considered. While Mel continues her impromtu interrogation, Singh isContinue reading “Pages 78-79: Improvised Medicine”

Pages 76-77: Knock Knock

Greetings! Today on Lyrae, Mel very much wants to talk to the scientist Carr Darrow. So much in fact that she simply doesn’t have the patience to wait for him to answer the door. Meanwhile, the somewhat confused scientist has very little time to work out exactly who it is that has just broken intoContinue reading “Pages 76-77: Knock Knock”

Pages 74-75: Mistaken Identity

Greetings! Today on Lyrae, Mel’s new companions try to explain the situation surrounding the Archer laboratories and Darrow, a known pirate rebel of whom Mel does not remember fondly. The explanation does little to help Mel’s mood as she storms into the curiously purple lit work spaces of the Archer. Finally, to follow on theContinue reading “Pages 74-75: Mistaken Identity”