Pages 96-97: That Is Not Santa

Greetings! Today on LYRAE we join the team in the Archer labs waiting to fill the alien menace with laser holes. However, as they watch the door, something lurks up above, bearing deadly gifts of its own.

Something stalks the team from the rafters above...
“You’ve all been very, very naughty…”

As the Archer labs erupt into a colourful conflaguration, this is where we shall be leaving LYRAE for the remainder of the year.

It’s been a busy past few weeks for myself between the day job and battles with the local public transport system. That does not seem terribly likely to change over the festive period, leaving less time to work on LYRAE than I would like. But work will continue and LYRAE will be back with two new pages on Sunday 15th January!

In the meantime, you can jump straight to the newest pages here!

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