Interlude: First Contact

Greetings! I have been away from my computer for a family holiday so the next pages of LYRAE proper aren’t quite ready yet.

Luckily, I packed my sketchbook with me and broke out the old pencils in the downtime. The end result is First Contact, a short one-page comic about the first time the Captain Harv and Executive Mel met before the events of the prologue, linking in with the events portrayed in JUNE, which has been slotted into the start of Chapter 4 just as JANUARY was into Chapter 3.

I’m not entirely sure where First Contact will end up slotted in. The current pattern would have it slotted in as a prelude before Chapter 5, which doesn’t exist yet. I might end up creating a new page on the site to hold the various interludes in a single place.

Come back next time on 12th March where we return to the main plot and COLOUR!

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